What financial importance would you place on getting new business in the next 12 months?

  • I don't need any new customers.
  • We are already profitable, and have clear plans for generating new business.
  • It is important, but not critical.
  • It is vital and urgent to the survival of my business.

What is your cashflow outlook for the next 12 months?

  • I am forecasting my cashflow and it’s looking good for now.
  • I am forecasting my cashflow and I can foresee tight periods ahead.
  • I look at my cashflow periodically and I often struggle to have enough cash to pay my bills.
  • I don't monitor my cashflow.

How has your profit margin performed this past financial year?

  • Increased
  • Remained steady
  • Decreased
  • Not sure

Does your company stick to a clearly defined budget?

  • Yes. The budget is continuously adhered to.
  • Sometimes. The budget is thought of as more of a guide.
  • Rarely. The budget is generally not followed.
  • No. We don't use a formal budget.

How often do you complete your financial statements?

  • Weekly or Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Every six months
  • Yearly

How do you manage your sales/your sales team?

  • I have a complete sales dashboard and know who’s performing and who’s not. I have regular accountability. Training is regular and non-negotiable.
  • I get sales figures monthly and discuss these with the team. Training is ad hoc and rare.
  • I review the sales figures personally and only discuss with the team if there’s a problem.
  • I struggle to get numbers and it may be a while after the fact before I know how we performed.

How would you describe your sales process?

  • I have a clearly defined and tested sales process that delivers consistently high client conversion rates.
  • I have a sales process but the results are inconsistent.
  • I try and do much the same for every job, quote or proposal.
  • I do not have a documented sales process.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?

  • I have clearly identified what distinguishes my business from my main competitors and I already stand out as the best choice.
  • I know my target market and what they want and try to deliver it in a cost effective timely manner.
  • I keep an eye on my competitors and try to offer better deals.
  • I don’t really know what my competitors do or how I am different.

What is your pricing relationship with your clients/prospects?

  • My clients view me as an expert in my field who delivers value to them. I can command a price and margin that we are both happy with.
  • My clients do realise my quality is better but still squeeze me on price.
  • I rely on discounting a lot in order to get the deal 'over the line'.
  • All sales are completely price dependent; I feel I have to be cheapest to get the deal.

Is your marketing making you money?

  • I test and measure everything. Every campaign I devise is carefully planned and its viability examined before I spend any money on marketing.
  • I do run marketing campaigns that generate some leads but I don't really know what strategies work best.
  • I just spend money on marketing ad hoc – the same as everyone else in the industry and hope for the best.
  • I have no system, rarely do marketing and I don’t have a marketing plan.

How do you develop and improve your skills as a business owner and Leader?

  • I regularly read books and attend seminars or courses to improve my business skills and knowledge.
  • I read a couple of books and/or attend the odd seminar or course every year, but it rarely gets implemented.
  • I only do technical training relevant to my profession or trade.
  • I never do anything to develop my business and leadership skills.

How effectively do you use Team Meetings in your business?

  • All teams have daily and weekly meetings with clear agendas and outcomes.
  • We have regular meetings but they are often too long, not very organised and outcomes are unclear.
  • We only have meetings when there is a problem.
  • We never have team meetings.

How well do your team members understand their roles and responsibilities?

  • An organisation chart, written job descriptions and regular performance reviews make roles and responsibilities clear.
  • There are some formal structures and employees receive regular feedback.
  • Team members hit the ground running with little direction or review.
  • Team members do not seem to know what is expected of them.

How do you ensure skill levels among your team are being maintained and advanced?

  • We have an induction training programme for all new employees as well as regular ongoing training for all team members.
  • We provide training only when we make a significant change to our business.
  • Training is ad hoc – usually only when there is a problem or somebody asks for it.
  • We do not provide any training for our employees.

How would you rate the level of communication in your business?

  • We have open and honest communication – both formal and informal.
  • I feel I communicate a lot to my team, but I don’t get much feedback.
  • c. I’m reluctant to share too much information with my team, but they all seem to get on with their work and with each other.
  • There is little communication between people/departments and a strong culture of blame.

How efficient and effective are your team?

  • My team plan and prioritise their work well and always deliver on time.
  • They are fairly well organised, but productivity could probably be improved.
  • They are often late delivering or have jobs over-running or requiring re-work.
  • I don’t know how to measure this.

Does your company stick to a clearly defined business plan?

  • Yes, and we review our business plan every calendar quarter.
  • Yes, and we review our business plan regularly.
  • No, we rarely use/update the business plan.
  • No, we don't have a written business plan.

How organised are your company's systems and procedures?

  • The company runs smoothly as a result of highly efficient systems and procedures.
  • Some systems and procedures are working but there is still room for improvement.
  • The systems and procedures are dated and need improving to become efficient.
  • There are no/very few written systems and procedures in place.

How would you describe the level of delivery in your business?

  • All employees perform each aspect of their role with a high degree of excellence and consistency.
  • The level of delivery is reasonably consistent but standards could be improved.
  • The level of delivery and consistency often depends on the employee you get.
  • We have not defined our delivery standards and there is little or no training given.

How do you test and measure the performance of your business?

  • We measure performance on a daily basis using KPI’s in key business areas.
  • We have measurable goals that are calculated and divided by time periods and tracked periodically.
  • We have goals and plans; although we frequently do not track or compare our progress to these plans.
  • There are no goals/plans. We measure our business success by how much profits go up/down.

Is there enough time in your day to get your work done?

  • Yes, my days are well planned and almost every task is completed.
  • Mostly, but some important tasks do not get completed.
  • Rarely, I struggle to keep up with my workload.
  • Never, I am constantly fighting fires and feeling overwhelmed.

How do you currently manage your workload?

  • I prioritise my tasks and achieve many long-term strategies.
  • Tasks are completed based on a daily level of urgency.
  • My days are largely disorganised with many interruptions.
  • I don’t manage my workload – it manages me.

How would you describe your level of motivation for your business?

  • I have a clear Vision for my business and I am excited everyday about working towards it.
  • I have a clear Vision for my business, but I’m not sure how to make it happen.
  • I can’t find a clear vision for my business and would like to be more focussed and motivated.
  • I’m just sick of the same routine. I get ‘Mondayitis’ everyday.

How is your environment supporting you in achieving business success?

  • I believe that there are great opportunities currently and spend a lot of my time researching and with positive people who are taking the necessary action to be successful.
  • I see some people taking advantage of opportunities at the moment and am fairly confident that I could too, but I’m not sure where to start.
  • I hear of some people experiencing success at the moment and wonder if there are opportunities I could take advantage of also.
  • I am constantly hearing bad news stories on radio & TV, in the papers and from the people I spend time with and feel completely out of control.

How often do you set and review your Goals and Plan?

  • I set my Goals at the start of each year, make a new plan each quarter and review progress weekly.
  • I set Goals every year and review them at the end of the year to see how I did.
  • I had Goals and a Plan when I started my business.
  • I have no Goals or Plan.

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