Free Coaching Session Explained

Our coaches dedicate a certain number of hours a week to business owners who wish to get a ‘feel’ for what Business Coaching is all about and how it may apply to their business. This meeting is where we will go to your premises or you can come here to our training facilities in Stillorgan and we can discuss where your business is currently and then where you would like to take your business. During this meeting your coach will:

  • Explain our ‘Business Profit Equation’ model for increasing the profitability of your business;
  • Cover some of the hundreds of strategies for building your business in each area of the Business Profit Equation;
  • Look at what systems you need to develop, so you can confidently delegate, leaving you time to work on your business, not just in it.
  • Help you develop some Specific, Measurable goals for your business in 2012; &
  • Brainstorm tactics so your business can make these strategies work.

We would like to extend this FREE coaching offer to you. The time you will need to invest for this meeting is one hour, twenty five minutes. There is a little bit of prep work (15 – 20 minutes) before this meeting to ensure you hit the ground running and get the most from the meeting. It is important for your coach that you get value from this meeting and we therefore insist that this prep is completed before you have your meeting.

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