Is Coaching for You

I will work with you and your team in 13 key areas…and the emphasis in each will depend on you, your business, and of course, your goals. These will be established during the initial meeting of any coaching program. These key areas are:

  1. YOU….

We will invest as much time here as necessary, and revisit at various stages, to overcome any blockages which may occur. I will explore with you your Goals, your Skills, your Beliefs and your Identity. I will question those beliefs, attitudes and opinions that may be blocking your efforts to address problems. I will take you through your ‘Identity Iceberg’ to illustrate what needs to happen for you to achieve lasting change and not revert to old habits.

  1. Leadership Development…

I will teach you what you need to BE, DO, and HAVE to stand out as a leader and mentor.

  1. Strategic Planning…

Defining your vision, mission, and culture is critical to success, in addition to planning goals and actions to attain your objectives. We will work through a succession of 90 Day Action Plans. Even the most disciplined executives struggle to stay out of the day-to-day operational challenges of their companies, and to focus their energies on achieving their company’s goals and objectives. I help you to develop goals and objectives for you and the business, to periodically step back to assess progress and, when necessary, to re-chart the course of action.

  1. Team Building & Development …

You’ll never just wish to find the right people again. You can have motivated, passionate, enthusiastic, and loyal team members.

  1. Goal Tracking …

We will define Goals and Action Steps, then journal your progress and get feedback as you journey toward achievement of your goals.

  1. Sales & Business Development

Here I will teach you how to turn your business into the Definitive Sales Vehicle through a relentless focus and implementation on 12 key strategies which will show you how to out sell, out market and out manage your competition every time.

  1. Succession Planning …

How do you determine which of your team members will succeed your current leaders?  Do you know how to ferret out hidden talent in your future leaders and figure out their optimal placement in your organisation? 

  1. Team Communication…

We will work through my ‘6 Keys to a Winning Team’ and look at where improvement can be made. We will use DISC behavioral profiling and other tools to help us here.

  1. Time Management…

We will work on strategies to help you use your time more effectively and efficiently. I will identify with you ways of investing more of your time working ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business.

  1. Customer Service & Business Development

This is where we define how to deliver your product or service consistently (internally and externally), making it easy for your customers to buy, leaving them feeling delighted with your service.

  1. Financial Mastery

Here we look at how to take control of your profits and cashflows and understand your company’s Key Performance Indicators.  Step by step, you’ll work on strategies to price your product/service with confidence, boost your profit margins and obviously with them, your bank balances… you’ll also get the information you need to make financial decisions and know exactly how well you’re doing month by month.

  1. Cashflow

This is truly about building a marketing machine that drives cash into your bank account and profit straight to your company’s bottom line.  In this section you’ll be diving into the 4 major areas that have the biggest impact on your customer numbers, your total sales and of course your profit

  1. Systemisation

Most businesses don’t work, their owner does. When you work on systemising your business, you’ll start to see your business going from being people reliant, to being systems reliant… truly starting to free up your time and give you control over the growth of your business. You will follow my 9 steps to systemising your business resulting in a business that ‘works’….a truly leveraged vehicle for you to achieve your goals. You’ll start to find better, faster and more productive and profitable ways to run your company and serve your customers.